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Slow... Steady & Smokin
Ahhh...the dog days of summer have us all moving a little slower...and that includes the bbq. Slow...Steady & Smokin' pork butts, charcoal-grilled burgers, grilled beer bratwurst, delicately seasoned sides and grilled seafood. Can you taste it? Can you smell it? Does it get any better than this...we don't think so! We know your guests will agree that you planned a very special wedding day.

Sizzle... Pop & Smokin
Who doesn't like the sound that a stoked up charcoal grill makes when you toss that first slab of pork ribs onto the hot coals...sizzle...pop and then the smoke! OH my...should you choose the full chicken halves, the big meaty beef ribs or a luscious salmon filet? Why make your guests choose, our buffets allow everyone to eat until they have had their fill. Weddings will never be the same after you treat your guests to this amazing menu.

Red... Hot & Smokin
If you want to go over the top and have a once in a lifetime menu for your wedding guests, without the shocking costs that can accompany it, then look no further. This menu is and smokin' with sexy food. Whole marinated and grilled beef tenderloins, beer steamed clams, swordfish or luscious tuna steaks top out the buffet entrees. Multiple trips to the buffet are expected and frankly...required!

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We like to meet our clients at our Kitchen Facility. This gives our clients a chance to see our operation in action. It is a great way for clients to get to know us even better!

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